Make Your Own Confetti in any Color with these 2 Easy Steps

Confetti is like sprinkles.
You don't have to have them.
BUT... when you do, there's a little extra happiness.
They add that POP of color.
That touch of FUN.
They are that special little something that makes it more BEAUTIFUL.
And YOU can easily make your own confetti!!

Let's get to it.

1. Get a piece of paper in the color of your choice and cut into strips.

I used a light weight paper and cut it into 1.25" strips. The strips make the paper more manageable and also allows you to use the entire piece of paper with minimal waste.

2. Stack a few strips together and use a single hole punch to make your own confetti.

I was able to stack 4 strips together and cleanly cut the confetti with my hole punch. The number of strips you can use may vary depending upon how sharp your hole punch is and how thick your paper is. 
When you're done, your strips will be full of holes and you will have plenty of little fun circles to sprinkle around.
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